Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adoptable Cat of the Week - Kharma!

Kharma and her kittens were rescued on 9/25/09 from Hayward Shelter. She is super friendly and very affectionate. She loves following her person around and snuggling. Loves to be petted. A quiet adult home is best for her.

Gender: Female
Breed: Siamese Mix
Age: 2 years 4 months

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to adopt Kharma, please contact Furry Friends Rescue.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pet of the Week - Dutchess!

Name: Dutchess
Age: 9 years
Breed: Miniature Pinscher

I got Dutchess when I was a freshman in college so she is my baby. It is so funny because in this picture she is dressed up, and most dogs would hate this, but she loves dressing up. When I pull out any of her outfits so goes crazy excited. She loves all the attention!!

Thank you Amanda for sharing Dutchess with us, she truly is adorable! Be sure to check out Amanda's Etsy shop for all natural handmade bath and body products: AmandasNaturals

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Stitch!

Stitch was rescued on 2/12/11 when his time was up and he had no options left. He is a complete sweetie. Well behaved and charming. Good little boy and great with all dogs/people. There isn't a sweeter little guy than Stitch. Everyone at Furry Friends Rescue has fallen so much in love with him!

In just a short while, once he gets to know you, this sweet gentle soul will give you kisses when you ask him. He likes to sit on your lap, easy walks and enjoy the day as your best friend. Just can't say enough about Stitch!! He's little Mr. Perfect Sweetheart! Best for home with children 10 years old and over.

Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Age: 5 years
Size: 11 lbs

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to give this sweet little guy a home, please contact Furry Friends Rescue

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grand Opening Giveaway Contest!

Welcome to The Willow Goose’s GRAND OPENING Giveaway!!!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pet of the Week - Cash!

Name: Cash
Age: 2 years
Breed: Chihuahua

Red Haired pets are supposedly the naughtiest and I would have to agree. He eats everything in sight (but I like to think he's helping me with the hoovering) and he does a great hi-five. I wouldn't change him for the world.

Thank you Danni for sharing Cash with us! Check out Danni's adorable illustrations on her website DoodlesbyDanni

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adoptable Cat of the Week - Butterscotch!

Butterscotch lost his eye on a rose thorn when he was a kitten, but that doesn't stop him. He can run and play just like other cats and makes the cutest faces. He's sweet and a bit shy...and would do well in a one kitty household where he can be the center of attention. He was adopted in Nov. 2005 by an elderly person who became too ill to care for him and returned him to Furry Friends. He's in a kind foster home who squeezed him into her home and looking for his forever home as a true family member for life. See him on YouTube!

If you're in the Bay Area and looking for a sweet, unique kitty please contact Furry Friends Rescue.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pet of the Week - Olive!

Name: Olive
Age: 4.5 years
Breed: Black Lab/Pit Mix

If I ever had to pick a favorite pet (and I hate to play favorites), one that stands out among all of the other 12+ pets I have ever had in my life, Olive is the one!

This baby came into our lives during a visit to PetSmart. A guy approached us with 2 puppies in his hands, he explained to us that he bred pit bulls and that his neighbors black lab had a bad habit of jumping their fence into their yard with their pit bull momma. He went on to say when the puppies were born he noticed they were not pure bred so he was going to take them to the pound if he could not find owners for them. This was heartbreaking to me, for one, because lots of people here in the south breed pit bulls for the wrong reasons (I cringe at the though and it makes me sick). Secondly, it was sad to me that these puppies were worthless to him.

Anyway, I looked over at my husband with big cute sad puppy eyes expecting him to say no, because we already have 5 pets at the time. To my surprise, he shook his head with a smile while saying "If you really want to, go ahead." I chose the black one. What stood out was her damaged nose, one of her nostrils was almost all gone, it looked like a fresh wound. I asked the guy what happened to her nose, and he had no clue... Anyway, we named her Olive (like a black olive).

She potty trained VERY quickly and learned some basic training skills so easily!! She developed a love for fetching (I've literally seen her play fetch until she just can't anymore and has to stop in her tracks to rest), and loves to dive into any water she sees! She's that dog that I can take outside without a leash for a quick walk to the mailbox, she wont leave my side. And in the house, wherever I am, she is always at my feet. I love this puppy to pieces. She's smart, energetic, protective, playful and incredibly loving! She's my baby!

Thank you so much for sharing your baby with us Cheri! Cheri makes THE most awesome bags, wallets and clothing - be sure check out her Etsy shop, StellarCheri!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Pumpkin

Pumpkin was abandoned and rescued on 10/31/10 (Halloween Doggie!). She is loving, friendly and great with gentle children and other dogs. She has responded nicely to basic training at her foster home. She barks initially when left alone but settles down shortly thereafter. She will surely be a source of joy and love in the home of her future guardian.

Gender: Female
Breed: Norfolk Terrier
Age: 8 months
Size: 7 lbs.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or know someone who does and wants this sweet little girl, please contact Furry Friends Rescue.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Adorable Bathing Bear

I received this in an email from my mom and just had to share!! I love his feet in the last pic!

People living in Colorado Springs wondered why their rain water barrel was almost empty every day. So they set up a couple of cameras and look what they caught on film . . .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pet of the Week - Pilsbury!

Age: unknown
Breed: Manx

Pilsbury's "gotcha story" begins with what should have been a routine trip from Atlanta to Birmingham to visit my Mom in December of 2005. On I-20, about 10 miles from the Alabama state line on a Friday night, I catch a glimpse of a ball of fur on top of the white line that runs between the blacktop and the shoulder. It's enough of a glimpse that I know that it's a cat, and that it's sitting up instead of flat on it's side in the classic roadkill pose.

I was able to go another 2 miles before I couldn't stand it and started looking for the next exit to turn around. In the next 10 minutes that it took to turn around and head back towards Atlanta, I called myself every sort of fool. By the time I turned around again, I was convinced it really was dead, or a figment of my imagination.

But lo and behold, there it was. Nose to the white line. Semi's and all manner of other vehicles zooming past about a foot from it. So I pull over, tell the dog to stay in the backseat and trudge my way back to where the cat was. Of course, traffic coming toward me and all, it's rather hard to see with all the headlights.

But I finally get about 5 feet away. The cat's not moving. It has it's head turned away from the flow of traffic and it sways every time a car passes. That's how close it is. When I say it was on the white line, I'm not exaggerating.

So I squat down on my haunches and do the whole "here kitty kitty" thing, which gets exactly zero response. I venture another foot closer, visions of spooking the cat under the wheels of the next semi dancing in my head. Try another "here kitty kitty" and nada. So I say it louder, thinking what the hell... maybe the thing is deaf from the road noise. That gets me a slow head swivel and suddenly I'm staring into beautiful gold eyes.

Score! It's alive! Another 3 or 4 minutes of "here kitty kitty" and I realize it's not going to budge. I stand up and review my options. Leaving it at this point isn't an option, since one sleepy driver weaving to the side of the right lane and it goes squish. I could take my coat off and see if I can rope it up, but that doesn't sound like a winner either. So I go for plan C. I wait for a lull in traffic that appears to be a good size and as quickly as I can scoot over and scoop him up.

Now, anyone who's dealt with feral cats is wondering how many wounds I have.

The answer would be none. He didn't make a sound and didn't move a muscle. So I get back to the car and put him on the front floor board. Tiger wakes up long enough to throw a sleepy eye at him and then flops back down again.

I proceed to drive to Birmingham. He's so quiet, I'm turning on the interior light every 30 minutes or so to make sure he's still alive. When I get to Mom's, he hasn't moved from the same spot and position I put him down in.

Okay, so obviously this thing is seriously hurt.

We put Tiger in the house and head back out to the emergency vet, which just so happens to be about 2 miles from Mom's. I tell them the whole story and they ask me if I'm going to surrender him or take him home. I answer that I don't know yet. Depends on how badly he's hurt. They look at me like I've suddenly sprouted demon appendages and I explain that if he's okay I'll leave him, but if he's hurt I'll take him home. They look at me like I belong in a nuthouse so I explain further that if he's hurt his adoption chances are nil. They nod sagely but still keep a healthy distance.

The vet in training comes in to take his vitals and announces that they're all normal and healthy.


The real vet comes in, does a thorough exam, listens to the whole story and then tells us that he has no broken bones and no signs of trauma other than the fact that he doesn't want to open his eyes, he has a small cut on his nose and a bloody claw. We go ahead and have her stain his eyes to make sure they're okay and all she finds are some surface scratches. She theorizes that someone sprayed something in his eyes. She explains that's why he's not moving. He can't see, ergo, no moving around. She gives us antibiotic ointment for his eyes.

She asks again if I want to surrender him. I should have said yes, but instead I ask what they do with surrendered animals. That was a mistake. They take them to the pound, which is always crowded this time of year and then she shrugs. I say we'll be taking him home.

We make a late night trip to walmart for a bed and plop him in it, where he stays until the next morning. I wake up too damn early and decide to scoop him up and put him in bed with me. So the cat on my stomach and the dog next to me sleep for another couple of hours.

We put food in front of his nose and he scarfs it down like a starving Armenian. At this point he's had three doses of antibiotic and the next thing we know he's up and walking around. By the next morning he was ready to get out of that room and explore, but not too far.

Of course the last thing I needed right then was a cat (course, cats are like that - they tend to do things when it's convenient for them, not you), so I offered him to three different people that I knew were good homes and thought were currently catless, but no takers. Mom had Catfish, who hated other cats with a passion. My Aunt Carol picked up a few strays a couple of months before. She offered to take him to TEARS (an animal rescue) but I wasn't really down with that. Mom's friend Willy "adopted" a cat when she got married which had the same other cat hating problem as Catfish.

I tried to find a Manx rescue nearby since he's a stumptailed wonder cat, but no luck. I called several no kill shelters but they were all full. After a few weeks, it was obvious that he had become a permanent resident of the household. He's adorable and so sweet. He wants nothing more than to sit in your lap and make biscuits all night long (thus, his name). He's a rather bizarre cat that and because of his idiosyncrasies (honestly, I've known a lot of cats in my life and he just doesn't behave like a cat should in any way, shape or form) we've taken to saying he's brain damaged. He's also a prolific talker. If he's not being petted or in a lap, he talks. And talks and talks. Even when he's laying down nearby he keeps up the conversation every so often, just to let you know he's there.

He had an illicit unrequited love affair with our Pit Bull, Tiger, until the day Tiger died. From the side of the interstate he wormed his way into my heart and then the hearts of everyone who's met him. I often wonder how he got there, and what his life was like before. I am so glad I spotted him that night.

Thank you Kenzie for sharing Pilsbury's story! Be sure to check out Kenzie's Etsy shop Bewhiskered featuring adorable Ruggles: lovable, huggable animal security blankets.