Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pet of the Week - Olive!

Name: Olive
Age: 4.5 years
Breed: Black Lab/Pit Mix

If I ever had to pick a favorite pet (and I hate to play favorites), one that stands out among all of the other 12+ pets I have ever had in my life, Olive is the one!

This baby came into our lives during a visit to PetSmart. A guy approached us with 2 puppies in his hands, he explained to us that he bred pit bulls and that his neighbors black lab had a bad habit of jumping their fence into their yard with their pit bull momma. He went on to say when the puppies were born he noticed they were not pure bred so he was going to take them to the pound if he could not find owners for them. This was heartbreaking to me, for one, because lots of people here in the south breed pit bulls for the wrong reasons (I cringe at the though and it makes me sick). Secondly, it was sad to me that these puppies were worthless to him.

Anyway, I looked over at my husband with big cute sad puppy eyes expecting him to say no, because we already have 5 pets at the time. To my surprise, he shook his head with a smile while saying "If you really want to, go ahead." I chose the black one. What stood out was her damaged nose, one of her nostrils was almost all gone, it looked like a fresh wound. I asked the guy what happened to her nose, and he had no clue... Anyway, we named her Olive (like a black olive).

She potty trained VERY quickly and learned some basic training skills so easily!! She developed a love for fetching (I've literally seen her play fetch until she just can't anymore and has to stop in her tracks to rest), and loves to dive into any water she sees! She's that dog that I can take outside without a leash for a quick walk to the mailbox, she wont leave my side. And in the house, wherever I am, she is always at my feet. I love this puppy to pieces. She's smart, energetic, protective, playful and incredibly loving! She's my baby!

Thank you so much for sharing your baby with us Cheri! Cheri makes THE most awesome bags, wallets and clothing - be sure check out her Etsy shop, StellarCheri!


  1. Awwww, she's such a cutie!! I feel so bad for those poor babies that can't be adopted and aren't valued for their not-pure-breed.

  2. What an awesome sounding puppy! And so cute to boot. :)