Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adoptable Cat of the Week - Buffy

Name: Buffy
Age: 5 months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Buffy is the typical kitten, she is quite the purrer and likes to cuddle. Playful and curious, loves to chase her toys and jump at shadows. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to adopt Buffy, please contact Furry Friends Rescue or apply online HERE.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pet of the Week - Bettie!

This is my fabulous kitty, Bettie. She's 5 years old and part Maine
Coon, part who knows. Her interests include going insane at about 2am
every night, stealing food from your plate, watching the toilet flush,
scamming us into giving her sausage (its her favorite), chilling in the
bathtub, and jumping up on tables she's not supposed to be on.

Thanks for sharing Bettie with us Emily! Be sure to check out Emily's awesome handmade rockabilly clothing at Dismantled Fashions!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Bruno Bugatti!

Name: Bruno Bugatti
Age: 7 years
Breed: Basset

Bruno is big galoot who wants attention and belly rubs (what Basset doesn't!). He uses a doggie door to go outside, sits and waits for his treats, walks great on a leash and is a good car traveling companion. Bruno is the rare Basset that will actually fetch and return a ball! He's okay with other dogs, but not cats. He annoys cats endlessly, so he needs a feline-free home. If you are in the Las Vegas area and interested in Bruno Bugatti please put in the online application.

Las Vegas Basset Rescue.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pet of the Week - Atticus!

Atticus the Chiweenie 1-2 years old

He became a part of our family when my husband found him on the side of the road. He was very emaciated and covered in bugs. He is now as healthy as a horse. He's a little trouble maker, he gets into everything! We are very lucky to have him!

Thanks for sharing Atticus with us Destry! Check out Destry's awesome handmade accessories at Pet Zombie Creations!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pet of the Week - Othello!

Name: Othello
Breed: Tabby
Age: 1 year

Before my boyfriend and I were together, we were best friends. I knew he wanted a cat, so I convinced him he needed to get a kitten. I'm actually the one who went and picked out the kitten, and my only requirement was that he was a boy. When Jose came home from work we decided his name was Othello. I ended up spending a lot more time over at his place playing with and taking care of Othello, and we joke that he is the reason we're together now.

A few months later when we were together, we decided Othello needed a brother or sister. That's when we got Augustus. Othello wasn't too keen on him at first, but now they're best friends. Othello even saved his life, because back in March Augustus fell off the third floor balcony and broke his leg, and Othello started making a lot of weird noises until I came to see what was wrong. Now he's Cupid and a hero.

When he's not match-making or saving lives, Othello enjoys crawling into small boxes and bags, chewing up my art projects, and fighting for the top tier of the cat tower with his brother.

Thanks for sharing your sweet kitty with us Laura! Check out Laura's awesome handpainted tshirts on Etsy: Gynx Apparel!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Mugsy!

Such a perfect name for this little guy - just look at that face!!

Name: Mugsy
Age: 5 months
Breed: Corgi / Bull Terrier Mix

Mugsy (watch my video!) was rescued on 4/2/11 when his time was up at the shelter. He is cute and very friendly puppy. He is out-going, confident and spunky. Loves attention and very people friendly. He loves playing with other big dogs, and plays rough. He needs to learn some impulse control, dog manners and recall. He needs a pack leader or will push to be dominate dog in household. He did great at Doggie Day Care with big dogs. He is not good with small dogs and no cats. Need basic pup training, lot's of exercise and very experienced person to be his leader. Kids 14 yrs+.

If you are in the CA Bay Area and are interested in adopting Mugsy, please contact Furry Friends Rescue or fill out an online application HERE.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pet of the Week - Cinnamon/Canela

This is a special Pet of the Week because my dear friend Pili lost her sweet dog about a month ago when it got loose. If you're in Spain and you've seen this dog, let us know! She needs get back to her rightful owners.

Name: Cinnamon/Canela
Age: 2 years
Breed: Mini Pharaoh Hound

We got Cinnamon/Canela when she was about a month and a half old, from a friend of my dad, and she was so tiny! She was scared and missing her mum and siblings, but after playing around with her and holding her she started feeling at home. She's always been a very playful puppy, and very loving, won the hearts of everyone in the family, and was awfully spoilt by all of us.

If there's an Olympics games for dogs she would have got gold medal on free jumping, she could jump over everything! But as an odd thing, she's also the only dog that hasn't loved G (my bf) on sight, all dogs absolutely adore him, but she was all pissy
when she met him.

Since she disappeared we are all very heartbroken and miss her loads. I'm just very glad that I have the pillow that Jolene from DingoGirls Den made me
and the custom cartoon/portrait and labels and cards that Deb from On Cupcake Moon drew for me. I keep on hoping we'll get news from her one day, and as they say, hope springs eternal, right?

Thank you so much for sharing Cinnamon with us Pili, I know it was difficult. My heart is breaking for you and I hope she is returned to you soon.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Daisy Miller!

Name: Daisy Miller
Age: 2 year old
Breed: "Bagel" (Basset-Beagle mix)

This little gal enjoys walks, visits to the dog park, sleeping on the people bed, and snuggling on the couch. As long as she can be with her human, she's happy. She enjoys the company of other dogs, too. If you'd like to meet Miss Daisy and are in the Las Vegas area, please put in the online application. We bring the dog of your choice to your home to meet the whole family.

Be sure to visit Las Vegas Basset Rescue to see all the dogs they have for adoption!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pet of the Week - Riley!

Name: Riley LittleMan Mummit Poodle Pie Dvorak
Age: app. 3 yrs old....but he's a very old soul
Breed: Most likely a Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen or AKA PBGV

My Littleman came to us through my son-in-law, when his boss's mom, who was Riley's mom, became very ill and passed away. We had recently lost our wonderful, funny handsome Golden Retriever, Hans Frans, to cancer and our Lab, Essie, was so lonely without her lifelong companion.

So Riley's picture was emailed to me and I instantly fell in love with him. At the time he was living in Yucaipa in So Cal and we were living in Livermore, in the East Bay of San Francisco. After many emails and phone calls back and forth, we agreed to meet the family caring for him half-way in between, and we drove to Buttonwillow, a stop I'm sure any of you who regularly drive Interstate 5 will recognize.

Our first sighting of Riley was him being walked across the parking lot of the truck stop, and he was happily bark bark bark bark bark barking all the way across. We thought, oh crap what have we gotten ourselves into?????, but he was so adorable and had the most beautiful brown eyes I knew we could work with him on the barking.

The barking turned out to be the least of the problems. It seems this sweet boy had not been housebroken and thought it was perfectly OK to squat and pee and worse wherever and whenever the need arose! He also felt free to jump up on the table and stand there like a mountain goat helping himself to whatever was on the table.

Well, long story short....we have overcome all of the problems, but he still will do almost ANYTHING for a bit of food. But he's a VERY smart boy and caught on to what he was doing wrong very quickly because above all else he's a pleaser. He now shakes, does an adorable "down" and rolls over on command. He also takes the cleaning of the cat's ears VERY seriously and deems it necessary to do several times a day! The cat actually has come to like it!

Riley makes me happy just looking at him, and most everyone who meets him feels the same way. He's such an unusual looking dog that we never go anywhere that someone doesn't ask me what kind of dog he is, usually followed by the comment that he should "be in movies"! My little diva...What a cutie ...he has blessed my life with happiness and laughs since day one!

Thanks so much Pam (aka Mom) for sharing Riley with us! He really is a cutie!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Mona!

Name: Mona
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 3 years 2 months

Mona is such a love, we can't stress that enough! She is a very social girl, loves everyone she meets and other dogs too! She's always happy and walks like she is showing off doing her best parade strut! She has a very sweet temperament and is totally a companion dog. All she wants is to be near you. Everyone who meets her, falls in love with her.

She is wonderful with people and will great & gives kisses when you ask her. She seems to have a natural instinct to make people happy and might be a great therapy dog. Kids 12 years+.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area (or know someone who is) and would like to foster or adopt Mona, please contact Furry Friends Rescue.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pet of the Week - Little Bit of Jazz!

Name: Little Bit of Jazz
Age: 6 years
Breed: Domestic Short hair Tabby Cat

Bitty (or Jazzy)’s story is a little long and very heartwarming. She was found in my aunt and uncle’s back yard a few months before Hurricane Katrina. My aunt and my cousin tell me she was feral and tiny. They thought Bitty was a rat when they first saw her. She would open her mouth but no sound came out. Hungry and meal-less she was eating rocks and twigs! When my aunt heard Hurricane Katrina was approaching New Orleans they tried for three days to catch Bitty until my cousin was finally able to grab her and put her in a carrier with their other cat Astro.

After the hurricane my previous home was a bit squishy and very unlivable so I moved in with my aunt, uncle, cousin and Bitty. At this point her meows had evolved into squeaks. Six months later when I moved out my aunt asked if I could take Bitty with me. It made sense. I loved the cat and the cat loved me and it was a way to show my gratitude after my aunt put up with me for six months.

I had no idea Bitty would be the best cat I have ever owned. I can now hold her like a baby and give her kisses on her head. The first day she met my current husband she fell in love with him and showed this by rolling all over his jacket covering it in Bitty hairs. According to Bitty she lives with her two favorite people. That helps in the being not afraid of people department. It took her a few years, but she can now meow a full meow!

Bitty is also my constant companion. This involves waiting outside of the bathroom every morning while I get ready. When I list and update on Etsy she has a spot right next to the laptop so she can keep up. She takes daily naps with the Bunny and entices the dog to play… then screams when he chases her. She is a lovely, furry part of our family!

Such a heartwarming story, thank you so much for sharing Bitty with us! Be sure to check out Deanna and her husband's Etsy shop, it's full of awesome :) EDEN GALLERY

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Lucas!

Name: Lucas
Age: 8 years
Breed: Basset Hound

Lucas is a handsome hound, approx. 7 years old. Lucas is obedient, uses a doggie door, sits and waits for his treats and his food bowl. He gets along well with other dogs and cats, too. He's Mr. Manners! Lucas would do best in a structured home where he will be given exercise and will get to use the commands he's been taught. He can be a bit strong-willed, so needs his new person to be the same way!

If you are near Las Vegas and interested in giving Lucas a forever home, please contact Las Vegas Basset Rescue or apply to adopt him HERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pets of the Week - Peach & Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers came into the family July of last year. June & July are notorious for all the cats that have to be put down in the shelters because they get soooo many kittens in. I decided my daughter was old enough for a kitty and we were going to the shelter to adopt an adult one. I was telling a friend about my plan for that day and she said "oh wait!, I have a tenant who is taking his cat to a shelter today". My friend is a landlord and the tenant A- Did not tell her he had a cat initially and B- Had a toddler son who was super aggressive with the cat so they were going to take him (the cat, not the son) to the shelter. I was over there a couple hours later and the rest is history. When I got him home he immediately stuck to Jayna and would not leave her side. If she was asleep in her room he would cry to be in there with her. If she was in her room she would cry for the kitty. He even would sit at the edge of the tub and stay there while she splashed around! They have been in love ever since I brought him home.

Peach was not a planned adoption. A friend of mine knew someone who worked for EDCO (trash & disposal company). The EDCO friend had found two tiny kittens that someone had put in a dumpster!! They immediately posted pictures and set out to find them a good home. Well since I had only had Mr. Whiskers a couple months I didn't think we were ready for a second cat but I posted the pictures on Facebook and hoped someone would adopt them. Yeah, that lasted less then 24 hours before I caved and adopted one of the kittens. She was so tiny and adorable we knew we had to find the perfect name for her. Two weeks went by and nothing seemed right at all. Finally one day my boyfriend joked "we should just name her something ridiculous like Peach". I laughed and as a joke every time we saw her we said "It's the PEEEEEEACH!!!". Another two weeks later, no name and we always called her Peach. It stuck and is even funnier because of the fact that the grey cat is named Peach and not the orange one.

It is amazing how the two of them are a perfect fit to our family! When Peach came home she was so tiny and scared, but Mr. Whiskers took over as the parent and they have been inseparable ever since. Now the two cats and my daughter are like a mini pack of animals. All three are always together.

Thank you Andrea for sharing your awesome kitties with us! They're both adorable...and what a great story!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday - Affectionate Lions

Today's Too Cute Tuesday is a double whammy!

These lions LOVE their keeper!

Watching this reminded me of Christian the Lion, a video that brings me to tears every time!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adoptable Cat of the Week - Bubba!

Name: Bubba
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: 8 months

Bubba is friendly and affectionate. He loves to play and sleep with other kittys, and will valiantly defend you against any newspapers left on the floor! He's a sweetie!

Watch him in action!

If you're in the CA Bay Area and want to give Bubba a loving forever home, please contact Furry Friends Rescue.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pet of the Week - Maya!

Name: Maya
Age: 6 years
Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Here is my beautiful girl Maya or Maya Bear as we call her. She is a 6
year old pit mix. We were fortunate enough to find her one day while
at Petsmart picking up some supplies for our other dog Charlie. She
has changed our mind as well as all of our friends' minds about pit
bulls. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She is so docile and
gentle. She lets our 3 year old jump and crawl all over her. Because
of her we have become big advocates for pit bulls and all dogs who get
a bad wrap because of mistreatment by their owners. We love her and
can't imagine our life without her!!

Thank you so much for sharing your sweet Maya with us Christina! I love her little pink claws :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday - Goose in Love

This is the sweetest thing I've seen in awhile! Let's all give a collective "awwwww" for Maria and the love of her life.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adoptable Dogs of the Week - Peaches & Rufus!

Peaches and Rufus are a bonded pair of Bassets who are losing their foster home :( They need to find a new foster or forever family soon! Please contact Las Vegas Basset Rescue or fill out the online applications linked below if you can help!

Peaches is just like her name states: a real peach of a gal. She is best friends with Rufus and would like to remain with him in a new home. She's quiet, gentle, small, and loving. Peaches is also a brave girl. Last year she had part of her lower jaw removed due to a non-cancerous growth. As she healed, she learned how to eat all over again with her new face. Now she chomps away with the best of the hounds! Her little pink tongue sticks out, as if she's giving you the raspberry! This sweet 8 year old gal never asks for much--just love, belly rubs, and a comfy place to hang out. If you think you could foster or adopt this wonderful, deserving pair, please put in the online application.

Rufus is a classic red and white handsome man. He's 9 years young and loves Peaches. They have been together forever and wish to remain so. Through thick and thin, side by side, loyal friends. Rufus has been described by his foster family as "the perfect dog". No glitches, just pure enjoyment. Excellent house manners, full of love and devotion. Please consider giving Rufus and his lady friend, Peaches, a home to enjoy. They will return your love ten-fold. Rufus's online application.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pet of the Week - Larry!

Name: Larry
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Age: 9

Larry is a total spaz and a rescue dog who moved in the summer of 2003. Since he seemed to fit his name and it was funny, we kept it. At first, he took offense to anything with wheels and didn't play well with others. After training, he's much better but still hates wearing dog clothes. His fave things are: chasing squirrels (he even knows that word), playing with squeaky toys, and sneaking food. I had pet rats for years but since JRT's are bred to chase vermin, no more of that. He's spoiled rotten and is considered our fur-child.

Thanks for sharing your awesome dog with us Laura (and yay for rescuing!). Be sure to check out Laura's Etsy shop for all things strange and magical: madsciencecreations

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Selena!

Name: Selena
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Age: 3 years

Selena is a lovely young dog with an exceptional temperament. She is a very sweet girl, friendly to everyone and to all dogs too! She knows her sit command and is an EXTRA, EXTRA gentle, and she's such a good natured, happy dog. A little active in her kennel because she's been there a while and needs to find her new home soon.

Once outside, you will see that she needs to have a good run & playtime. But you will also see so much potential and so much goodness. Once she calms down and even before you'll see such a sweet girl who doesn't know how to be the least bit mouthy. Selena will make a perfect family companion, she is as loving as can be.

For any information regarding this animal please contact the Hayward Animal Shelter via phone 510-293-7200 or email Terry at: You can also check their website:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pet of the Week - Travis!

Name: Travis
Breed: Eastern Painted Turtle

This is Travis. Travis is an eastern painted turtle, who, despite his name, is actually female! ( He was named long before I learned how to differentiate between male and female turtles - no "just looking" with these guys, haha! I still habitually call him "he", so I guess you could say he's gender confused) He was named for my two favorite drummers at the time: Travis Barker, and the drummer of my then boyfriend's band who's name also happened to be Travis.

Travis has been with me for about 10 years or so, though I am not certain of his true age.

Some funny facts:
* Travis has been known to "mount" the figurines I've kept in his tank in the past. Somewhere I have photos of him violating Spongebob.

* He LOVES ham! Every year at Easter, I take a hunk of ham home to him - this photo shows him swimming with his Easter ham clamped in his jaws.

* He "hunts" his ham and lettuce. Seriously. I will place it onto his sunning rock, then he'll slowly swim up to it, wait, then suddenly grab it and pull it under the water where he devours it, haha!

So, that's my boy (girl?!). He's been with me a long time, and being that he's a turtle, we probably have many more years to go! I <3 him!

Thank you so much Jenny for sharing Travis with us - s/he is AWESOME! Be sure to check out Jenny's amazing Etsy shop Hoot-n-Andy for amazing hand painted piggy banks and wall hangings!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Boone!

Age: 8 years
Breed: Basset Hound

Boondoggle, a.k.a. Boone, is Las Vegas Basset Rescue's newest hunky red and white boy. At 8 yrs. young, Boone has taken his recent homelessness in stride so far. He seems to be a happy boy (check out his smiling portrait!) and greets new people and other dogs with equal friendliness. He also rides great in the car, for those who like a little company when they run their errands. If you have room in your heart and your home for this well-behaved boy, please put in an online application.

If you're interested in adopting Boone, please contact Las Vegas Basset Rescue or fill out the online application here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pet of the Week - Daisy Mae!

Name: Daisy Mae
Breed: Poddle/Bischon mix

Daisy is a white Poddle/Bischon mix that is "T-R-O-U-B-L-E"! If there is some trouble to get into, she will find it. She is supposed to be white, but maintains a lovely shade of dirty white most of the time. If a mud puddle is within 10 miles she will find it. But we love her. She has her own Facebook account since she needed a place to vent about her owners.

Thanks for sharing Daisy Mae with us Michele, she is super cute!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Blitzen! *URGENT*

Blitzen is a 3 month old Terrier/Chihuahua Mix puppy who was rescued from an overcrowded shelter with his mom Snowflake and his brother Rudolf. When nobody could rescue them, Furry Friends took them in to save them from euthanasia.

Blitzen suffers from dry eye and since his eyes were not cared for properly prior to being abandoned at the shelter, his right eye is blind. Now it is becoming more irritated, and the eye specialist has said that it needs to be removed otherwise it will get infected.

The cost of eye surgery is $3000. Furry Friends could really use your help and support! Having one eye will not slow down Blitzen. He will enjoy his life as a happy furry kid just like other dogs that have the same condition.

Please consider donating to his surgery costs. Every little bit helps and this sweet guy is worth it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kitties Love The Willow Goose Catnip Toys!!

Here's a sweet little video of Pixie going crazy for her Catnip Rain Cloud from The Willow Goose! Our catnip toys are made from eco-fi felt and 100% organic catnip - no poly filling!

And here are more happy kitty customers enjoying their catnip high!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pet of the Week - Chopper!!

Name: Chopper
Breed: White German Shepherd
Age: 5 years

Chopper is 175 lbs of pure love! I can personally attest to this as he's my doggy cousin, belonging to my wonderful Aunt Rita!

The first time I met Chopper I had Henry, my 15 lb min pin mix, with me and I was a little worried he would get trampled. Chopper was amazingly sweet and gentle with Henry and even let him win a few rounds of tug-o-war!!

Thanks Aunt Rita for sharing Chopper with us!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Copper!

Age: 3 years
Breed: Beagle

Copper is a very sweet, quiet, and courageous Beagle. Copper had been hit by a car and picked up by Animal Control. When he arrived at the shelter LVBR was called to take him into our rescue. Otherwise, he'd be euthanized, as no owner reclaimed him. His injuries were not life-threatening, but he was in pain and needed medical attention. Our vet determined that Copper had 6 broken ribs and his lungs were badly bruised due to those broken ribs. He also sustained a dislocated hip. This needed to be repaired with surgery. However, the vet tells us Copper will have no lingering affects from this, other than maybe a slight limp. His foster parents can't say enough good things about this sweet little guy. He gets along wonderfully with all the other dogs in the home, he uses the doggie door to get outside, and he's very well-behaved.

After surgery Copper is doing great! Although the hip socket was removed, the muscles in his strong little legs have taken over the support. Copper is walking 20-30 minutes at a time, getting back into shape. He's a real trooper! He will soon be ready for adoption and is waiting for applications to come rolling in. Copper may always have a slight limp, but overall his outcome is excellent. Thank you to everyone who gave donations to help pay for his surgery.

If you're interested in adopting Copper, please contact Las Vegas Basset Rescue or fill out the online application here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pet of the Week - Aloysius!

Name: Aloysius
Age: 1 year 10 months
Breed: Lionhead rabbit

Aloysius was purchased on 5/31/09. He is not my first rabbit, but the first one I have owned in a very long time. When we found him my husband (then fiancĂ©) and I were at an Exotic Animal Exotic Animal Exhibition surrounded by frogs, lizards, snakes, alligators and birds. There was a lone stall with three cages. One was full of ferrets, the second full of white rabbits and then there he was all alone. He was the most fluffy, gray, adorable thing I have ever seen next to a “NOT SNAKE FOOD” sign. My husband noticed that I was eying him. "Isn't he cute? Don't you love bunnies? Don't you want to hold it?!" Next thing I know he was out of the cage, in my hands, and trying to leap over my shoulder!

Since then Aloysius has leapt into our hearts. In April 2010 he gave us a bit of a scare. After eating a hole in the rug he had a bout of Gastrointestinal Stasis. This basically means his intestines stopped moving for a while. We rushed him to the vet as soon as we figured out what was going on with our little guy. Then, we quickly decided vet bills are nothing compared to the life of a fluffy family member. Our furry gray child has now become accustomed to regular head pats and kisses. He enjoys daily naps with the cat. Aloysius will run around your ankles in circles until the end of time for a slice of banana. He is unafraid of the fateful vacuum that scares the 70 pound dog and has mastered the art of the Bunny IQ toy! Really, no one could ask for a better bun!

You can see footage of Aloysius and his Bunny IQ toy here

Thank you so much Deanna, Aloysius is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Be sure to stop by Deanna's Etsy shop, EdenGallery, for gorgeous steampunk inspired accessories and art.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adoptable Cat of the Week - Kharma!

Kharma and her kittens were rescued on 9/25/09 from Hayward Shelter. She is super friendly and very affectionate. She loves following her person around and snuggling. Loves to be petted. A quiet adult home is best for her.

Gender: Female
Breed: Siamese Mix
Age: 2 years 4 months

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to adopt Kharma, please contact Furry Friends Rescue.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pet of the Week - Dutchess!

Name: Dutchess
Age: 9 years
Breed: Miniature Pinscher

I got Dutchess when I was a freshman in college so she is my baby. It is so funny because in this picture she is dressed up, and most dogs would hate this, but she loves dressing up. When I pull out any of her outfits so goes crazy excited. She loves all the attention!!

Thank you Amanda for sharing Dutchess with us, she truly is adorable! Be sure to check out Amanda's Etsy shop for all natural handmade bath and body products: AmandasNaturals

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adoptable Dog of the Week - Stitch!

Stitch was rescued on 2/12/11 when his time was up and he had no options left. He is a complete sweetie. Well behaved and charming. Good little boy and great with all dogs/people. There isn't a sweeter little guy than Stitch. Everyone at Furry Friends Rescue has fallen so much in love with him!

In just a short while, once he gets to know you, this sweet gentle soul will give you kisses when you ask him. He likes to sit on your lap, easy walks and enjoy the day as your best friend. Just can't say enough about Stitch!! He's little Mr. Perfect Sweetheart! Best for home with children 10 years old and over.

Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Age: 5 years
Size: 11 lbs

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to give this sweet little guy a home, please contact Furry Friends Rescue

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grand Opening Giveaway Contest!

Welcome to The Willow Goose’s GRAND OPENING Giveaway!!!

You could be the lucky winner of one of these two prizes (YOUR CHOICE):

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Here’s how this works: There are numerous ways to gain entries, but you must comment below in order for your entries to count. Feel free to make separate comments for each entry, or you could put them all in one comment – up to you!

Each item below will give you ONE entry, a winner will be chosen through an online randomizer.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pet of the Week - Cash!

Name: Cash
Age: 2 years
Breed: Chihuahua

Red Haired pets are supposedly the naughtiest and I would have to agree. He eats everything in sight (but I like to think he's helping me with the hoovering) and he does a great hi-five. I wouldn't change him for the world.

Thank you Danni for sharing Cash with us! Check out Danni's adorable illustrations on her website DoodlesbyDanni

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adoptable Cat of the Week - Butterscotch!

Butterscotch lost his eye on a rose thorn when he was a kitten, but that doesn't stop him. He can run and play just like other cats and makes the cutest faces. He's sweet and a bit shy...and would do well in a one kitty household where he can be the center of attention. He was adopted in Nov. 2005 by an elderly person who became too ill to care for him and returned him to Furry Friends. He's in a kind foster home who squeezed him into her home and looking for his forever home as a true family member for life. See him on YouTube!

If you're in the Bay Area and looking for a sweet, unique kitty please contact Furry Friends Rescue.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pet of the Week - Olive!

Name: Olive
Age: 4.5 years
Breed: Black Lab/Pit Mix

If I ever had to pick a favorite pet (and I hate to play favorites), one that stands out among all of the other 12+ pets I have ever had in my life, Olive is the one!

This baby came into our lives during a visit to PetSmart. A guy approached us with 2 puppies in his hands, he explained to us that he bred pit bulls and that his neighbors black lab had a bad habit of jumping their fence into their yard with their pit bull momma. He went on to say when the puppies were born he noticed they were not pure bred so he was going to take them to the pound if he could not find owners for them. This was heartbreaking to me, for one, because lots of people here in the south breed pit bulls for the wrong reasons (I cringe at the though and it makes me sick). Secondly, it was sad to me that these puppies were worthless to him.

Anyway, I looked over at my husband with big cute sad puppy eyes expecting him to say no, because we already have 5 pets at the time. To my surprise, he shook his head with a smile while saying "If you really want to, go ahead." I chose the black one. What stood out was her damaged nose, one of her nostrils was almost all gone, it looked like a fresh wound. I asked the guy what happened to her nose, and he had no clue... Anyway, we named her Olive (like a black olive).

She potty trained VERY quickly and learned some basic training skills so easily!! She developed a love for fetching (I've literally seen her play fetch until she just can't anymore and has to stop in her tracks to rest), and loves to dive into any water she sees! She's that dog that I can take outside without a leash for a quick walk to the mailbox, she wont leave my side. And in the house, wherever I am, she is always at my feet. I love this puppy to pieces. She's smart, energetic, protective, playful and incredibly loving! She's my baby!

Thank you so much for sharing your baby with us Cheri! Cheri makes THE most awesome bags, wallets and clothing - be sure check out her Etsy shop, StellarCheri!