Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adoptable Dogs of the Week - Peaches & Rufus!

Peaches and Rufus are a bonded pair of Bassets who are losing their foster home :( They need to find a new foster or forever family soon! Please contact Las Vegas Basset Rescue or fill out the online applications linked below if you can help!

Peaches is just like her name states: a real peach of a gal. She is best friends with Rufus and would like to remain with him in a new home. She's quiet, gentle, small, and loving. Peaches is also a brave girl. Last year she had part of her lower jaw removed due to a non-cancerous growth. As she healed, she learned how to eat all over again with her new face. Now she chomps away with the best of the hounds! Her little pink tongue sticks out, as if she's giving you the raspberry! This sweet 8 year old gal never asks for much--just love, belly rubs, and a comfy place to hang out. If you think you could foster or adopt this wonderful, deserving pair, please put in the online application.

Rufus is a classic red and white handsome man. He's 9 years young and loves Peaches. They have been together forever and wish to remain so. Through thick and thin, side by side, loyal friends. Rufus has been described by his foster family as "the perfect dog". No glitches, just pure enjoyment. Excellent house manners, full of love and devotion. Please consider giving Rufus and his lady friend, Peaches, a home to enjoy. They will return your love ten-fold. Rufus's online application.

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