Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pets of the Week - Peach & Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers came into the family July of last year. June & July are notorious for all the cats that have to be put down in the shelters because they get soooo many kittens in. I decided my daughter was old enough for a kitty and we were going to the shelter to adopt an adult one. I was telling a friend about my plan for that day and she said "oh wait!, I have a tenant who is taking his cat to a shelter today". My friend is a landlord and the tenant A- Did not tell her he had a cat initially and B- Had a toddler son who was super aggressive with the cat so they were going to take him (the cat, not the son) to the shelter. I was over there a couple hours later and the rest is history. When I got him home he immediately stuck to Jayna and would not leave her side. If she was asleep in her room he would cry to be in there with her. If she was in her room she would cry for the kitty. He even would sit at the edge of the tub and stay there while she splashed around! They have been in love ever since I brought him home.

Peach was not a planned adoption. A friend of mine knew someone who worked for EDCO (trash & disposal company). The EDCO friend had found two tiny kittens that someone had put in a dumpster!! They immediately posted pictures and set out to find them a good home. Well since I had only had Mr. Whiskers a couple months I didn't think we were ready for a second cat but I posted the pictures on Facebook and hoped someone would adopt them. Yeah, that lasted less then 24 hours before I caved and adopted one of the kittens. She was so tiny and adorable we knew we had to find the perfect name for her. Two weeks went by and nothing seemed right at all. Finally one day my boyfriend joked "we should just name her something ridiculous like Peach". I laughed and as a joke every time we saw her we said "It's the PEEEEEEACH!!!". Another two weeks later, no name and we always called her Peach. It stuck and is even funnier because of the fact that the grey cat is named Peach and not the orange one.

It is amazing how the two of them are a perfect fit to our family! When Peach came home she was so tiny and scared, but Mr. Whiskers took over as the parent and they have been inseparable ever since. Now the two cats and my daughter are like a mini pack of animals. All three are always together.

Thank you Andrea for sharing your awesome kitties with us! They're both adorable...and what a great story!!

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  1. Absolutely adorable, I love them both! Another wonderful story!