Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pet of the Week - Little Bit of Jazz!

Name: Little Bit of Jazz
Age: 6 years
Breed: Domestic Short hair Tabby Cat

Bitty (or Jazzy)’s story is a little long and very heartwarming. She was found in my aunt and uncle’s back yard a few months before Hurricane Katrina. My aunt and my cousin tell me she was feral and tiny. They thought Bitty was a rat when they first saw her. She would open her mouth but no sound came out. Hungry and meal-less she was eating rocks and twigs! When my aunt heard Hurricane Katrina was approaching New Orleans they tried for three days to catch Bitty until my cousin was finally able to grab her and put her in a carrier with their other cat Astro.

After the hurricane my previous home was a bit squishy and very unlivable so I moved in with my aunt, uncle, cousin and Bitty. At this point her meows had evolved into squeaks. Six months later when I moved out my aunt asked if I could take Bitty with me. It made sense. I loved the cat and the cat loved me and it was a way to show my gratitude after my aunt put up with me for six months.

I had no idea Bitty would be the best cat I have ever owned. I can now hold her like a baby and give her kisses on her head. The first day she met my current husband she fell in love with him and showed this by rolling all over his jacket covering it in Bitty hairs. According to Bitty she lives with her two favorite people. That helps in the being not afraid of people department. It took her a few years, but she can now meow a full meow!

Bitty is also my constant companion. This involves waiting outside of the bathroom every morning while I get ready. When I list and update on Etsy she has a spot right next to the laptop so she can keep up. She takes daily naps with the Bunny and entices the dog to play… then screams when he chases her. She is a lovely, furry part of our family!

Such a heartwarming story, thank you so much for sharing Bitty with us! Be sure to check out Deanna and her husband's Etsy shop, it's full of awesome :) EDEN GALLERY


  1. What a wonderful lil kitty! And what a wonderful story too!

  2. Hooray! Thanks for Little Bitty's feature!