Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pet of the Week - Travis!

Name: Travis
Breed: Eastern Painted Turtle

This is Travis. Travis is an eastern painted turtle, who, despite his name, is actually female! ( He was named long before I learned how to differentiate between male and female turtles - no "just looking" with these guys, haha! I still habitually call him "he", so I guess you could say he's gender confused) He was named for my two favorite drummers at the time: Travis Barker, and the drummer of my then boyfriend's band who's name also happened to be Travis.

Travis has been with me for about 10 years or so, though I am not certain of his true age.

Some funny facts:
* Travis has been known to "mount" the figurines I've kept in his tank in the past. Somewhere I have photos of him violating Spongebob.

* He LOVES ham! Every year at Easter, I take a hunk of ham home to him - this photo shows him swimming with his Easter ham clamped in his jaws.

* He "hunts" his ham and lettuce. Seriously. I will place it onto his sunning rock, then he'll slowly swim up to it, wait, then suddenly grab it and pull it under the water where he devours it, haha!

So, that's my boy (girl?!). He's been with me a long time, and being that he's a turtle, we probably have many more years to go! I <3 him!

Thank you so much Jenny for sharing Travis with us - s/he is AWESOME! Be sure to check out Jenny's amazing Etsy shop Hoot-n-Andy for amazing hand painted piggy banks and wall hangings!


  1. Aww, my boy looks beautiful in lights! Thanks, Kylie! :)

  2. Jen, (s)he's a dear! And I love his(her) colours!

  3. S(he) is gorgeous!!! I love that picture of him with his ham. He looks like he's taking home his conquest!